Juicy Couture Neon Jewelry

Juicy Couture isn't normally a brand that I am immediately drawn to but I am LOVING these few pieces of jewelry that I just found on Shopbop! With fun pops of neon mixed with traditional crystal accents they are trendy but still not too extreme! I've said it before and I'll say it again, if your scared of the neon trend, wearing it in your jewelry is the best way to add some trendy-ness to your outfit. Also, Juicy tends to be a little over priced in my opinion but that is NOT the case here! The necklace with the multiple colored stones, which is my favorite, is only $88! I think it would look gorgeous with a crisp white button down and some colorful tailored shorts in coral or hot pink!


Stalk Me!

If you don't know what Currently Obsessed is, you need to go check it out ASAP! Basically it is a streaming feed of what hundreds of fashion and beauty bloggers are obsessed with at the moment! I love it because you pretty much are getting to see what is on your favorite bloggers wish lists! And you can save your favorites so that you can go back and look at them whenever you please! Kind of like on Pinterest or Tumblr, you can then "Stalk" your favorite bloggers so that their faves are added to your list of "Latest Obsessions"!

Go HERE to stalk me on Currently Obsessed or just click on the Currently Obsessed button on the side of my blog! 

Cherry Blossom Cocktail

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC (and just because its Monday...) heres a recipe created in honor of the festival! 

Recipe courtesy of Teroforma


Jonathan Adler Accessories

Anything Jonathan Adler just puts a big smile on my face! I love his bright colors, graphic patterns, and sense of humor! Most of his furniture, although fabulous, is way out of my budget, but everyone can still get their hands on a little bit of Adler with his chic accessories! I love that he takes his whimsical style and adds it to even the most mundane of objects like sticky notes and napkins! 


March Birchbox

My first Birchbox arrived while I was home for break and I was not disappointed! 



St.Patty's Day

St.Patrick's day is right around the corner and I cannot wait! I truly do not understand those people who on St.Patrick's day wear absolutely no green! I personally think thats the best part of the day, hunting down the perfect green outfit or green accessories. Of course you want to avoid the head to toe Leprechaun look, but pops of green in your outfit will make you feel just the right amount of festive! I will be in DC for the first time since high school for St.Patty's day and am so excited to see what it will be like! Go grab your green gear now 'cus it will get scooped up fast! 


Reggae's Picks

I know many of you can relate to the fact that my little pup Reggae is honestly like a little hairy child to me! Marshall gave me Reggae last year for our two year anniversary and it was love at first sight! I cant help but shower him with gifts (usually a little on the feminine side for a boy dog, but I've decided that he doesn't mind haha)! And due to the fact that he is currently still at Auburn being babysat while I am in DC for the week, I figured I would put together an entire post dedicated to Reggae! On a side note, if any of you are in the market for a dog, Boston Terriers (what Reggae is) are extremely easy to train and great for apartments!


Tommy Hilfiger Accessories

I've never been a big fan of Tommy Hilfiger in the past. Their stuff was never terrible but it also was nothing special. Well that has changed! Check out these gorgeous bags and accessories from their new collection! Im LOVING how sophisticated and kind of old school preppy these pieces feel. The only thing though is that they are almost IDENTICAL knock offs of some of Tory Burch's designs (especially that new logo!). Although I would be a little annoyed if I was Tory, as a college student with a conservative budget, I love the fact that you get all the same style but for a fraction of the price!


Amore & Sorvete

Every spring, I like to add one or two new bathing suits to my collection! I have all sorts of suits, some expensive, some dirt cheap, some patterned, and some plain, I love them all! I will say though, as someone who is a little less gifted up top, I find that anything with frills on my chest seems to help things out! Thats why I was sooo disappointed when this one particular Victoria Secret bathing suit (see the picture below) sold out two years ago! When I first saw it online, I was skeptical of how it would look on, but then after seeing it in person on a few friends, Im beyond sad that it sold out so quick and that I have never been able to find anything similar... until now! Not only are all of Amore & Sorvete's bathing suits gorgeous, but they also offer an almost identical bathing suit of the VS one Ive been lusting after in an array of pretty pastels!

Above is the Victoria's Secret bathing suit that is no longer available...

And this is the Amore & Sorvete lookalike! Isn't it adorable (I like the lilac color best)!! Im not crazy about the frilly bottom paired with the top, but Im absolutely in love with the top! It would be so incredibly flattering for us tiny chested girls! 

And above are some more gorgeous Amore & Sorvete bathing suits! Im especially in love with the watercolor like patterns!

You can buy these suits at ASOS, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters!

(mental note: TIME TO HIT THE GYM!)


Happy Birthday to Me!

Its my 23rd birthday today so Im taking the day off from blogging! Ill be back tomorrow!


Kate Spade Inspired DIY

One day over winter break I was in the Kate Spade store in Georgetown and saw this adorable photo of a fortune cookie fortune framed and have been meaning to make my own DIY! Well I finally did! I've had this fortune that says "The night life is for you" saved for a while now on my mirror just because I thought it was so hilarious and unlikely for a fortune cookie and knew immediately it would be perfect for this project! I love the oversized matting with the tiny fortune, it makes it feel so special! Heres how I did it!

1.) You will need a picture frame (whatever size you think looks good, I liked mine a little oversized), gold spray paint (or better yet, be smarter than me and just buy a gold frame haha), craft paper (I chose a pearlescent pink), double sided tape, and a fortune from a fortune cookie. 
2.) Spray paint your frame gold
3.) Cut thin strips of double sided tape and place on back of fortune. Measure to find the center of the paper and place fortune on paper with the sticky side down. Put in frame.
4.) Hang frame using a level. (Yes, my level is pink... so was my hammer)
5.) Admire from afar!
6.) Admire up close!

Trina Turk and Banana Republic Collaboration

Although I do not shop a whole lot at Banana Repuplic, every season there are always one or two pieces of theirs that end up catching my eye (usually their jewelry). I also hold a fond place in my heart for the store since I worked there for three years in high school! So I was very excited when I heard that they were teaming up with Trina Turk for a collaboration this summer! Trina Turk is known for her tropical prints and beautiful beach gear as well as a growing home line. From the looks of the photos that I found, the line is sure to not disappoint! Here are some of my favorite pieces from Trina Turk right now as well as some sneak peek photos of the collaboration line!

Here are some sneak peek photos of the collaboration! To see more of them head over to Fashion Foie Gras.

My favorite is anything with that white based print and those GORGEOUS clutches with the turquoise jewel clasp! I cant wait for summer to be here already so I can get my hands on these pieces!


Friday Faves

Because my major is Graphic Design, Im pretty much constantly on my computer! And whenever Im working on a project, I tend to take frequent breaks to browse the web and my favorite online stores accumulating quite a large wishlist! So, instead of just spotlighting one or two things at a time on the blog, I decided that I would accumulate all my favorites from that week and then share them with you every Friday! Enjoy!

2. Garnier Fructis BB Cream
 (Scoop it up before there sold out, Spike The Punch pieces go QUICK!)


Dainty Rings

One very unusual fact about myself that not many people realize is that the pinky ring I wear on my right hand, I have not taken off since sixth grade.... thats TWELVE YEARS! Its pretty ridiculous and Im not even a big fan of the ring (its just a plain silver band) but now I feel like since I've had it on for so long, I cant bring myself to take it off! One time when I was putting laundry in the washer, it almost came off and I literally thought I was about to have a panic attack! Oh, and that last picture is of my left hand with my new Banana Republic rings (similar here), not the hand with the infamous pinky ring! 
Well, anyways, the point of all that was that I LOVE rings haha! And right now, dainty rings, stacked and worn on multiple fingers is very trendy! I love this look because its very wearable for just about anybody! And because they are so small, you can really have fun stacking a bunch on without feeling like your being weighed down with jewelry. Sometimes in the really hot months, I just get uncomfortable with a ton of things all over my wrists, but these delicate rings wouldn't weigh you down! Here are some of my favorite options! 

(My nail polish in the photo is Essie in Watermelon)