Kate Spade Inspired DIY

One day over winter break I was in the Kate Spade store in Georgetown and saw this adorable photo of a fortune cookie fortune framed and have been meaning to make my own DIY! Well I finally did! I've had this fortune that says "The night life is for you" saved for a while now on my mirror just because I thought it was so hilarious and unlikely for a fortune cookie and knew immediately it would be perfect for this project! I love the oversized matting with the tiny fortune, it makes it feel so special! Heres how I did it!

1.) You will need a picture frame (whatever size you think looks good, I liked mine a little oversized), gold spray paint (or better yet, be smarter than me and just buy a gold frame haha), craft paper (I chose a pearlescent pink), double sided tape, and a fortune from a fortune cookie. 
2.) Spray paint your frame gold
3.) Cut thin strips of double sided tape and place on back of fortune. Measure to find the center of the paper and place fortune on paper with the sticky side down. Put in frame.
4.) Hang frame using a level. (Yes, my level is pink... so was my hammer)
5.) Admire from afar!
6.) Admire up close!

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