Photos From Lately

Re-organizing and updating my desk top from high school into a little getting ready area

Close up of my re-organized desk top

Found my old paint palette and think it would look great hung on the wall!

A new light weight scarf for summer in my favorite color combination, pink and orange!

I don't know about you, but I find it VERY hard to throw away magazines, these issues from 2002 that I found in my old closet may be even too old for me to hold onto though haha

My mom just surprised me with these lovelies from a recent Friday Faves post! The major bonus of having a blog, your friends and family have an automatic wish list for you! (sorry my feet look so boney and scary haha)


In The Market For: Denim Jacket

If you had asked me a few years ago if I liked denim jackets, I would have thought you were crazy, but lately, Im feeling quite different about this staple! Originally I would view denim jackets as frumpy and out of date but now, words such as fashionable, laid back, and classic come to mind! My two favorite ways of wearing this look is either with a flowy feminine dress (see above on Reese Witherspoon or Emma Watson) or with black jeans/leggings and a comfy white tee (see above on Kourtney Kardashian)! Denim jackets can also still be worn in a very unflattering way though, for example, any kind of detailing like bedazling or patch work as well as I DESPISE denim on denim, no excuses! Below you will find some great options of denim jackets, no matter which type you are in the market for!



Ann Taylor Summer 2012 Accessories

I previewed Ann Taylor's Summer 2012 line in this post back in February and now finally its in stores! I am especially in love with their accessories right now! They are so unique and so not stereotypical office jewelry like you would expect from Ann Taylor! All the shades of emerald green and robins egg blue are gorgeous and would really spice up any outfit! Some of Ann Taylor's clothes are kind of expensive (because most are suiting pieces) but I find their jewelry to be very affordable, especially for how unique and show-stopping it all is! Im seriously considering buying ALL of the pieces shown above but if I had to pick one, I would scoop up that beautiful emerald green cuff!!


In The Market For: Lip Stain Markers

Growing up, I was never all that into makeup, I usually stuck to coverup and mascara and thats about it! But the past couple years, I have grown to love getting all dolled up and trying new makeup products! Maybe its because I went to school in the south or just because Im getting older now, but I thoroughly enjoy doing my makeup! When it comes to summer makeup though, you kind of have no option but to simplify your routine since a full face of makeup combined with hot weather and sweat is never a good look! Thats where these new lip stain markers come in, they are just the right amount of color and shine for laying out by the pool or just playing outdoors! Im a big fan of lipgloss and sometimes lipstick if I really want to get dolled up, but I have zero desire to wear any of that in sticky summer weather! There are so many options of these stains out now though that I don't know which one to buy! My ideal stain would be long lasting, have very pigmented color, moisturizing, have a little bit of shine or shimmer, and also could double as a cheek stain. Have any of you tried these? Do you have a favorite? 


Guest Post: Arcadian Lighting

Hi! I'm Joanna, a guest blogger for Arcadian Lighting, a terrific source of inspiration for every room and exteriors too. I've got the best job in the world. Daily, I get to gather the most beautiful interior design images and decorating ideas to share on blogs such as Gotta Have It.

I adore romantic spaces that are just a little bit girly without being overdone. A room doesn't have to be all pink with florals everywhere to achieve this look. Every style from a modern all-white dining room to a bedroom with mint green accents, can give you a romantic feel. Following are a few of my favorite rooms! Thanks for letting me share with you today.

This sitting room has a vintage vibe to it. I love all of the textures, patterns and soft colors. The rug is gorgeous in pink and gold!

Who knew a kitchen filled with marble and sleek contemporary style could have such a romantic feel? The sheer cage shade gives the ornate chandelier a fresh updated look that casts an ethereal glow.

This soft gray sitting area shows just how romantic chic sophisticated spaces can be. The tiny lilac shaded wall sconces and pretty wallpaper add even more feminine appeal.

Venetian mirrors exude romantic style. An ornate chest paired with a Venetian mirror makes a stunning focal point in this entry.

All-white decor in the dining room is elegantly sophisticated. This space is modern with French touches.

Mint julep anyone? This bedroom is a bit on the feminine side, giving it a romantic feel. The light fixture and furnishings have simple lines and are quite chic.

What is more romantic than a room surrounded by nature? This glass-walled space blurs the lines between indoors and out.

Can't you just imagine soaking up the ambiance of this Asian-inspired bathroom? Bright pink walls are dramatic against the dark vanity and bath surround. 

Which space was you favorite? Be sure to head on over to Arcadian Lighting and find a multitude of fixtures and decor to complement any style of room!


Friday Faves June 1, 2012

I can't believe its June already! There are thunder warnings for tonight and Im a big baby when it comes to storms so Im hunkered down in my basement at the moment surrounded by all my pets who are equally as freaked out haha. Have a great weekend, hope you have better weather than here!!


Go-To Breakfast Recipes

Remember this post from a few weeks ago? Well I promised I would share the two recipes that I made for the brunch that I hosted before graduation but completely forgot, so here they are! To refresh your memory,   I invited all my family, friends, and their families to a brunch at my apartment the morning of graduation. I had never hosted any more than just my close friends at my place so I wanted to make sure the food I made was going to be delicious but also easy to make since I also had to worry about getting ready that morning! I found these two recipes through Pinterest (my go to for recipes and party hosting tips!) and they seemed perfect for the occasion! They were ridiculously easy to make and impossible to screw up! So many of my guests RAVED about the food! Breakfast has always been my all time favorite meal of the day so I am extremely happy to have two new recipes to make again!

 My mom and me setting up all the food

Everyone chowing down! I miss my little apartment...

I made two different types of frittatas because one of my good friends is a vegetarian, plus its always nice to have options for people! I chose the recipe because they were made in muffin tins so that they were perfect for guests to serve themselves and also were the perfect portion! Unfortunately though, I forgot to buy a second muffin tin so I just made the sausage one in a pan instead and then cut it up in squares for serving purposes. It still worked great, I would just suggest cooking it a little less if you choose to make it in a pan. The other great thing about this recipe is that you can choose any ingredients you want and get a little creative with it! I just made up these combinations of ingredients off of omelets that I have had in the past at restaurants! This is the recipe that I used technically, but I didn't use the broccoli, vegetable oil, or baking powder and it still turned out great and looked just like the picture! Also, I made this recipe again a few days ago just for myself and chose to use four whole eggs and seven egg whites (same amount of milk and same cooking time) to make it a little healthier and again, it tasted great! They warm up wonderfully too!

For the French Toast Casserole, I used this Paula Deen recipe and made it exactly as the recipe says except I don't like nuts so I omitted the pecans in the topping. I have always wanted to make bread pudding and this sounded very similar so I thought it would be delicious... and it was!!! This was by far the most popular among everyone! Next time I make it, I think diced apples would be AMAZING in it!!


Photos From Lately

Loving these jewelry finds from Target today! The color of these periwinkle earrings are perfection and I plan on wearing these rings stacked or separately all the time!

A new Jonathan Adler notepad will make my list making that much more enjoyable!

For Mother's Day my mom and me walked around Old Town all day because the weather was gorgeous! We stopped in a little cafe called Bittersweet and munched on some mini red velvet cupcakes that were delicious! All their other food looked equally as good! Definitely somewhere I would go again!

Reggae was feeling fancy today. 

Some new bathing suits from Victoria's Secret and H&M for Memorial Day weekend!!

My new Michael Kors watch from Marshall and Kate Spade watch from my mom for graduation! Engraved on the back of the Kate Spade one is my monogram and the year I graduated! Im so excited to FINALLY be expanding my watch wardrobe! Also, here is a little bracelet that I picked up from Anthropologie that I have been wearing daily and my new YSL look-alike ring that I got for $40 online!!! I cant tell the difference! 

My roommate of four years from college gave me the sweetest gift for graduation! Its one of those books that you design online and then they mail it to you. She sectioned the book off by each year of college as well as special events like formals and football games! It is jam packed with sooooo many photos and memories and I absolutely LOVE it!

Three new blazers from Zara that I plan on wearing to my non existent job. Maybe I'll just wear them while sitting on my couch applying to jobs, that should provide for good motivation right? But seriously, these are GORGEOUS in person! Just check out the detail shot of the mint and gold tweed and those spike buttons!!

Reading the new J Crew catalog while sipping on Starbucks on the porch is the perfect morning! Also, remember the sunglasses I mentioned in this Friday Faves? Well my mom got them for me for graduation and they are even better in person! 


Lust VS Must: Diane Von Furstenberg Metallic Wedge Sandals

Inspiration: The Great Gatsby

Ever since I first heard that they were remaking The Great Gatsby movie, I instantly imagined gorgeous and luxurious costumes galore! And from the looks of the trailer that was just released, I don't think I will be disappointed! I love all the decadence and glitter that goes along with this era and Carrie Muligan pulls off the look stunningly! I have always loved the Art Deco period for not only the fashion, but also the architecture, design, and decor! Here is the trailer for you all to enjoy along with a couple Art Deco inspired fashion picks! 

Get the updated look...


Counting Down the Days...

This weekend I will be headed to Ocean City Maryland for lots of fun in the sun with three of my closest friends and I CANNOT wait! It has been rainy and overcast here in Northern Virginia the past couple days which just leaves me daydreaming even more of road trips, bikinis, and suntans! But until then, these fabulous summer/beach themed photos will have to hold me over! I hope they get you as excited for Memorial Day weekend as they do for me!

All photos courtesy of my Random Pretty Things board on Pinterest

In Love With CWonder

Sometimes I feel like my personal style is all over the place! I love preppy and traditional but also love modern and trendy. Well I would have to say that if you could look into my head, it would look ALOT like the CWonder showroom! The design is exactly all of the things I love rolled up into one beautiful showroom! Feminine, preppy, colorful, classic, quirky, and eclectic are all words that come to mind! I have actually been drooling over these showroom photos since the store opened this past winter but I wasn't all that impressed with their first line of products. BUT, their new arrivals for summer are finally up to par to the interior design and they are shooting to the top of my wish lists! The main store is in Soho NY and there is another store in New Jersey (I think thats it as of now but I know they plan on opening more!). The next time I visit New York, this showroom will be the first place I go! Oh, and if the style reminds you of Tory Burch somewhat, well thats because the creator of CWonder used to work for Tory Burch!

Here are my top picks from CWonder! And by the way, all these pieces are VERY affordable!