In The Market For: Lip Stain Markers

Growing up, I was never all that into makeup, I usually stuck to coverup and mascara and thats about it! But the past couple years, I have grown to love getting all dolled up and trying new makeup products! Maybe its because I went to school in the south or just because Im getting older now, but I thoroughly enjoy doing my makeup! When it comes to summer makeup though, you kind of have no option but to simplify your routine since a full face of makeup combined with hot weather and sweat is never a good look! Thats where these new lip stain markers come in, they are just the right amount of color and shine for laying out by the pool or just playing outdoors! Im a big fan of lipgloss and sometimes lipstick if I really want to get dolled up, but I have zero desire to wear any of that in sticky summer weather! There are so many options of these stains out now though that I don't know which one to buy! My ideal stain would be long lasting, have very pigmented color, moisturizing, have a little bit of shine or shimmer, and also could double as a cheek stain. Have any of you tried these? Do you have a favorite? 

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