In The Market For: Denim Jacket

If you had asked me a few years ago if I liked denim jackets, I would have thought you were crazy, but lately, Im feeling quite different about this staple! Originally I would view denim jackets as frumpy and out of date but now, words such as fashionable, laid back, and classic come to mind! My two favorite ways of wearing this look is either with a flowy feminine dress (see above on Reese Witherspoon or Emma Watson) or with black jeans/leggings and a comfy white tee (see above on Kourtney Kardashian)! Denim jackets can also still be worn in a very unflattering way though, for example, any kind of detailing like bedazling or patch work as well as I DESPISE denim on denim, no excuses! Below you will find some great options of denim jackets, no matter which type you are in the market for!

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  1. A denim jacket is an essential wardrobe item, thanks for sharing your picks!