Kreativ Blogger Award

When I first started this blog, I did it as a creative outlet for all those things like fashion and interior design that I never get to explore in school. I had been following many many blogs for a while at that point and had found so much inspiration that I wanted to take it a step further and talk about all the things that I had found that I loved and share them with whoever would be interested! Honestly, each and every new follower I get, I am surprised and flattered! So you can imagine how surprised and flattered I was when I received an email from Shannon over at Polish and Sugar that she had nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you so much Shannon for reading my blog and enjoying it enough to nominate me!

Now that I have been nominated, the rules go that I must nominate seven other bloggers (I love the idea of paying it forward!) and email them letting them know that you have nominated them, give a little shout out to the blogger that nominated me (thanks again Shannon!!), and then list seven interesting things about yourself that may interest your readers! So, here we go...

Seven Interesting Things About myself:

1. I absolutely love animals and have had a ridiculous amount of pets in my lifetime (a Rotweiler, around 10 hamsters, a bird, a fish, sea monkeys, and right now I have a cat named Sammy, a Bichon Havenese named Chiquita, and my Boston Terrier Reggae)
2. I have a lot of allergies, some mild like chicken, tomatoes, coffee, pork, nuts, and nickel. And some very serious like to fish. I also have many outdoor allergies. 
3. I was originally a Fashion Merchandising student at Auburn until I switched to Graphic Design after my Freshman year. I had always wanted to do Graphic design but the thought of working with computers and technology was intimidating to me! Now I love it!
4. I went to private school from kindergarden to eighth grade where there were only 23 people in my grade. Then, when I went to high school, I chose a public school that had over 800 people in my grade. Talk about a big adjustment!
5. I am slightly addicted to crime solving shows (I could watch Law and Order all day every day)
6. My favorite past time is probably eating... or watching Law and Order haha 
8. I played tennis all through out high school and really regret not playing on a college team!

Now here are seven blogs that I nominate for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I tried to nominate blogs that I thought deserved more exposure or were new to the blogging world like myself! Make sure to visit their blogs and show them some love!