Anya Hindmarch and Bespoke London

Wow, I honestly cannot express how absolutely OBSESSED I am with all of Any Hindmarch and Bespoke's customizable collection! Ive always loved Anya Hindmarch's products because they are so simple yet practical and lovely but now, Im truly in LOVE! Basically, any of the products you can get customized with any doodle or note you want... In your own handwriting! This opens up so many new options! This seriously takes monograming to a whole new level! I love the idea of instead of a traditional monogram, having your actual signature embossed onto the cover of a lovely leather journal! This would also be an incredibly sentimental way to give a gift, to get an item embossed with a personal message in your own handwriting! These products are not cheap (since there high quality leather for one reason) but they would be soooo special and unique that I think its 100% worth it! Did I mention... IM OBSESSED! 

I have NEVER seen personal engraving on the metal clasp of a clutch like the one featured in the picture above! So unique!!

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