Get In Shape

One of my many resolutions (like most women) is to get back in shape! I tend to have bursts of working out consistently for a couple weeks and then bursts of sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing physical. So my goal is to CONSISTENTLY workout and make it a part of my daily routine! And nothing motivates me more than some new workout gear!

Tanks (1 and 3)
When working out, I MUCH prefer working out in a form fitting tank over a t-shirt. T-shirts just look messy, especially after breaking a sweat! Also, tanks keep you much cooler than anything else. 

Gym Bag (4 and 5)
A cute and functional gym bag is always a must! My favorite gym bags tend to be nylon waterproof bags. They don't even need to be made specifically for the gym as long as it fits all your gym necessities! I love how this pink Tory Burch nylon bag folds into itself into a tiny little canvas zip bag! Also, LeSportsac bags come in a ridiculous amount of patterns and colors and are reasonably priced so you could buy a couple and change them out depending on your mood!

Water Bottle (2)
As far as water bottles go, anything would work obviously but lately, I have been loving my Bobble Water Bottle. Its great because it filters the water as you drink it! I think this is perfect for when your at the gym and your getting your water from those questionable water fountains! A water bottle that you can reuse is always a better option than buying pre packaged water!

Crop Pants (8)
When it comes to work out bottoms, I have the same mentality as I do with tops, keep it tight! If your just getting back into working out, you may feel a little self conscious wearing such form fitting bottoms, but I actually feel better when I wear these tight crop pants. They tend to be very tight and keep everything from jiggling around when your on the treadmill compared to the popular Nike Running Shorts. Also, they just generally make me feel "sportier" which is added motivation!

Hair Accessories (6,7, and 10)
It frustrates me to no end when I see women on TV working out with their hair perfectly curled and down, who does that?! Well my theory is that if you leave the gym looking even half way decent, you probably didn't work out hard enough! That being said, I think a headband of some sort is an absolute MUST! My hair is naturally very curly so I need something to keep those pesky curls out of my eyes at all times. Elastic bands are my favorite because they don't give you that pinch behind the ears that regular headbands do. Also, I love these new tie hairbands that are so popular lately! They are functional, stylish, and look great when just around your wrist!

Other (9, 12, 13)
When I was playing tennis in high school, all my private coaches told me that jumping rope is the best way to get your blood pumping before your workout. It also is an all over body workout and aids in keeping you quick on your feet! Any kind of health food or protein bar is a good thing to keep in your bag at all times. It can give you a little boost of energy before your workout or replenish you after! There are a million delicious options available but I personally like Luna Bars. You could probably get more nutritious ones but these are still very health conscious and have the BEST flavors and the most options! A variety of flavors is key for me to not get bored eating these. A lot of the time, I prefer to do workout videos in the privacy of my home (you don't need to worry about looking ridiculous in front of others!) and for this, its important to have a yoga mat! And if your gonna get a yoga mat, why not monogram it?!

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  1. Great layout. Getting fit has been a goal of mines. So far I've lost 25 pounds. Check out my blog if you have time.


    1. 25 pounds! Thats amazing, congrats!