Graduation Gift Guide

I absolutely love jewelry of all shapes and sizes! Despite this love affair, I have very little expensive jewelry, but the few pieces I do have, feel so much more special because they have some meaning behind them (my favorite is a diamond solitaire necklace that used to be my mom's). Graduation is the perfect time to give expensive jewelry like this because you can always look back and remember that day! Like with any investment piece though, you want to make sure that the item is classic and great quality! All these pieces are ones that you could wear every single day without feeling like your all "blinged out"!

Another great investment piece item that makes a great gift is purses and wallets! My favorite brand for this kind of stuff is Tory Burch, I think she makes some really classic pieces that you will have forever! I would have included more on my list above, but I really could not find a ton of options that I was obsessed with (except for these three!).

I love a great watch! I have one Michael Kors chunky gold watch that I got a few years ago and I literally wear it all the time! I could see myself getting a lot of use out of either of these options as well! 

And of COURSE anything monogramed I love! These pieces are quite a bit more affordable (but actually some of my favorites from this whole gift guide!) which would make them great gifts for friends! And if you want to bump up the wow factor, you can combine the gifts! For example, the monogram wine glass; why not give a set of three along with a fabulous bottle of wine! For the monogramed wallet; why not tuck in a gift card to the recipients favorite store (see below)! For the monogramed jewelry box; why not throw that monogramed ring or necklace in there as well!

Other great gift items include anything having to do with the school that the recipient is graduating from, gift cards, or something more homemade like a scrapbook with pictures from all throughout college! 

Now back to gift cards.... I know some people find them impersonal, but if your like me, shopping myself is half the fun! So when I get a gift card, most of the time, its my absolute favorite gift because that means that I get EXACTLY what I want and I get to enjoy a fun day of shopping! If you want to make it seem a little more thought through though, make sure the card is for the recipients favorite store, or even to some place like a winery or spa!


  1. Yes please I'll take all of these! So many aweesommeee choices. I like the idea of something monogrammed for a graduation gift- personal and professional!

    xo Rachel


    1. I agree! Monograming anything just makes it so much more personal and shows that you took that one extra step to really give something special and thought through!

      - Chrissy

  2. wow so many awesome choices..like all of your picks..i think a simple like Gift Card envelopes can also be used for this occasion. isn't it?