Kate Middleton Dress

Like most women, Kate Middleton can really do no wrong in my eyes! Every time I see a new press photo of her at a charity event or on a red carpet, I literally get giddy with excitement to see what she is wearing!  I love that she keeps her looks so polished, classic, and sophisticated while still being on trend, thats very difficult to accomplish now-a-days! Today I saw a photo of her and her gorgeous prince attending the movie premiere of African Cats and two things instantly popped in my head; first, I LOVE that dress, and second, I've definitely seen a very similar dress before! This dress from ASOS has been on my radar for MONTHS (I was even considering the cream version for graduation but decided It would be way too hot for May in Alabama!) and I was so excited when I saw that Kate picked something so similar! Her version is gray and has a wonderful peplum waist, but these navy and cream versions are only $136 and equally as stunning and classic! (It also comes in a dusty pink color!)


  1. So glad I came across this, I loved this dress on Kate and now I will have that cream one that's extremely similar. Great find!


    1. Im so glad you liked it Alex!! Kate is so chic!

      - Chrissy