Inslee Haynes Illustrations

I am so in love with Inslee Haynes' fashion illustrations! Most of them are inspired from real life trends and fashion photography which I think is my favorite thing about her work. So much of the clothing and accessories I actually recognize, for example, that black and white Celine bag in the first photo and the Hermes, Cartier, and JCrew bracelets in the second are fabulous! All the girls in her illustrations just look so chic and fashionable. You can buy her prints separately for framing or pick from a selection of stationery and calendars. Oh, and did I mention shes from DC?!?

She also does custom pieces like this custom bridal portrait shown above! I cant think of a more perfect keepsake to remember your wedding! 


  1. Love these fashion illustrations! I just stumbled across your lovely blog & so glad I did! I have jut signed up as your newest follower & I look forward to popping back for some more inspiration!
    Good luck with it all.
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  2. Thank you so much! Im new to the blogging world so the support is always amazing! Oh, and I LOVE your blog as well, I just became one of your newest followers as well!


  3. These are gorgeous! What a great find! She's from DC, huh? Are you, too? So am I (-ish).

    Came across your blog via your comment today on Life's Little Jems.


  4. Im from Fairfax, VA which is 15 minutes outside DC so I spend alot of time in the city and love it! Im finishing up my last semester of college at Auburn University in Alabama and cant wait to get back to the DC area when I graduate!