Recent Zara Purchases

My birthday is a week from today and Im so excited! As an early present, I got to go on a little online shopping spree! I just got my first package (Zara) from that spree in today and I love EVERYTHING I got! Here are some snapshots...

Zara Crochet Dress

Zara Glitter Vamp Shoe

Zara Polka Dot Skirt

Zara Skirt With Side Frill

Zara Shopper Basket

There were actually QUITE a few other things that I was very tempted to buy but I had to have a little self control and limit myself! All the pieces I got I feel like are staples that I will get alot of use out of! Especially that bag, I see that being my new everyday bag for sure! I really want to get a cute silk scarf to tie around the handle!

P.S. Sorry for the photo quality, my phone is out of batteries after this past weekend so I had to shoot all these photos with my iPhone!

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