Zara Home

I may be the last person on earth to find out about this, but did you know that Zara has a home line?!? My first thought when I found this out was "I need to check my bank account 'cus Im about to do some serious damage..." and then, when I found out that they do not ship to the US, well, it just about ruined my whole day. Well, not really, but STILL, how frustrating?!? Above is my growing wish list for when the people over at Zara figure out that they are missing out on some huge business by not letting us Americans shop their site! So if you happen to be in Europe, make sure to stop by their store and stock up! (Im OBSESSED with that gold vase and that acrylic serving tray table!!!)


  1. I LOVE Zara! I found out about it while studying abroad in Spain. I got the chance to go to their home decor store over there and wanted everything. I was so bummed out too when I realized they don't have a home store in the US and don't ship over here! I think eventually they might...fingers crossed!

  2. Im thinking that they probably will start selling online soon, at least I hope! Zara clothing only started selling online to the US a few months ago so Im thinking the home section is next!

    Thanks for stopping by!