Oscars Fashion Recap

I have been less than impressed by this years award season fashion to my surprise! Especially because there  have been so many couture gowns that I have seen on the runways that I loved! Thats probably why I havnt done any posts on the last couple award shows, but last night was the Oscars, and even though I again was less than impressed with most of the choices, its the Oscars! Here are my favorites and least favorites! (This is gonna be a long post...)

This was actually one of my favorites of the night! Plus, I LOVE Guilliana! All that beading, the pale tulle, and feather detail applique are gorgeous! My only gripe was that I think she is WAY too thin and that dress just accentuated her thin frame too much for my taste.

Heres another non-celeb that I loved last night! You cant tell in this picture but it was backless and came in on the sides which really made this otherwise simple dress stunning! And that color is perfect with her skin tone and hair!

You really cannot go wrong with head to toe beading in my opinion! Also, a white dress with a red lip is my absolute favorite look for any occasion!

Ugh, this dress was rough! The neckline, the color, and the style were alright. But the sleeves (or whatever those things are) look like last minute she freaked out about showing her arms so her stylist had  to safety pin on some scraps to cover them up!

I think Jessica Chastain is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood right now but her fashion sense tends to be hit or miss. I dont really like this dress but I think because Jessica is wearing it, I KIND OF like it. It just felt too heavy and intense for someone who has a very airy feel. 

WHYYYY did she wear this dress?!? Honestly, she will probably never be in an Oscar nominated movie again, so why she would waste this opportunity to shine with this frumpy dress I will never understand! Its not even that this dress is SO terrible, its just that this is the the freaking OSCARS! The one time you get to be over the top glamorous! This dress belongs at a movie premier or indie spirit awards, and on a MUCH older women who is trying to hide areas of her body!

This dress is ok, but really nothing special in my opinion. Plus I really hate the way its tapered and then cut short at the bottom, its just not flattering at all. 

What is up with Viola and her chest?!? All award season she has been squeezing her chest into overly skimpy and tight fitting tops that she just spills out of! I actually kind of love this dress (I think more so for the color than anything else), but I just feel uncomfortable even looking at her!

Hands down BEST look of the night! Michelle Williams tends to be a little too "sweet" with her dress choices this award season but this is perfection! I love the coral color, the peplum at the waist, and the pop of a pink clutch! My ONLY negative was her hair though... I think she pulls off the pixie cut for sure but something about the color of her hair tonight looked very artificial when it normally looks effortless!

Rooney Mara is just annoying in my opinion. I hate when super rich super famous celebrities act like they are always soooo upset and annoyed with everyone around them! I will say, its nice to see her in ANY color other than black!

Glenn Close looked HOT last night! Emerald green is so flattering and I love the matchy match look with the blazer and the dress together! This blazer is such a better way of hiding questionable arms than some awkwardly placed sleeves! 

Did you know that Octavia Spencer graduated from Auburn?? WAR EAGLE! 

I feel like alot of people are going to love this dress but I just do not like it at all! First of all, it looks just like the dress that Nicole Kidman wore here but not nearly as flattering! She looks stunning in red but the bow was just too floppy and there was waaaay too much material!

I actually really liked this look! At first I thought it was a long coat but then I found out it was a cape attached to the dress! I think I like the idea of it as a coat better. I love that Gwenyth takes risks with fashion, some times she gets it wrong, but I love that she just goes for it! 

Angelina usually looks too covered up (whats with all the sleeves when your stick thin?!?) but she looked smoldering last night! This is how I like Angelina to look, kind of vampy, kind of sultry, and a whole lot of attitude! You could just tell that she knew she was looking good and she was gonna work that leg slit all night long! 

This was one of my least favorite looks of the night! Rarely ever do I like anything with a natural waist and then to add on that hideous applique on top of it was just bad! The applique was way too big, it would have looked a million times better cinched at the waist and without that detailing.

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